School Events

School wide Events

Every year Hayah’s community comes together to a fun, themed day full of activities, rides, shows, delicious food and much more.

Arabic Culture Night has become an annual tradition that parents, students and staff look forward to celebrating the rich Arabic language and culture. In alliance with the school’s mission, this event also sheds the lights on main figures that influenced the Arabic or Egyptian art, literature or culture. Main performances are conducted by talented Elementary, Middle and High school students. The night sparkles with dramatic performances as well as poetry recitations. The Arabic Culture Night also features Hayah’s enchanting choir. The whole show is run under the supervision of the Performance and Visual Arts (PVA) and Arabic language department with the strong indispensable help of the back stage team of students working on lights, sound, props, make up and much more. Each year special guests attend and yearly exceeding the capacity of the school’s theater, the Arabic Culture Night tickets are sold out with over 300 attendees.

تُقيم أكاديمية حياة الدولية أمسيتها العربية ضمن فعاليات رسالتها الإنسانية والتربوية، ورؤيتها الهادفة إلى الارتقاء بلغتنا الجميلة وتعميق هويتنا الثقافية الجليلة؛ إيمانا منها بإعداد جيل للمستقبل قادر على التعامل مع معطيات العصر المتلاحقة بكافة أبعادها وهو يحمل لغته  وثقافته أداة فاعلة للمساهمة في تقدم البشرية جمعاء نحو الرقي والازدهار والسلام تتضمن الإحتفاليات أعمال شعرية ومسرحية وغنائية من أداء الطلاب

In 2010, Hayah hosted the only chapter of Live Earth Run for Water Event in Egypt making Cairo the 193rd city walking collectively to raise money and awareness on the dwindling water resources around the world. For the following years to date, Hayah organized and hosted annual fundraisers in collaboration with the ministry of water resources and irrigation to support the cause of cleaning and protecting our River Nile. By adopting two main water streams, cleaning them and supporting the neighborhood, Abou El Mennaga and El Sharakweya canals witnessed a major change thanks to the generous donations of our precious Hayah community.

The importance of performing arts lies in developing self-expression, building confidence, expanding imagination and helping performers find their own voice. Every year, Hayah’s Performing Arts Department auditions for and presents a production with students from ES to HS. In line with that project, the backstage team of MS/HS students as well helps with handling sound and lights, props, costumes, makeup and all elements needed for a successful act.

Hayah’s Annual Art Competition among Schools

Our strong belief in the common language of arts as a tool for youth to express themselves, lead us to host the first art competition among schools. Starting with 5 schools in 2015, the competition hosted 43 schools in 2023 with a different theme every year. Our partners Art Café Egypt provide the judging panels in the fields of drawing/painting, collage and photography/digital arts. Oriental Weavers have supported us all along turning the winning masterpieces to breathtaking carpets. Our sponsors and supporters along the years have helped the competition grow and give it credibility. Our gratitude goes to: Art Café Egypt, Oriental Weavers, Jet Cottons, Maayergy Stationary and Stabilo and last but not least Innovera and Canon.

Hayah’s 9th art competition in 2023 was hosted at the Grand Egyptian Museum, the GEM. Hayah is proud to share that we were the first international school in Egypt to collaborate with GEM under the operations of Legacy.