Child Protection & Safeguarding:

Hayah International Academy is committed to provide all students with a safe, healthy, and caring environment in which they learn and grow. The school continuously promotes the welfare of all students and is committed to practice child protection and safeguarding in all school divisions.

Hayah’s Child Protection Policy (CPP) and Safeguarding applies to any adult assigned by the school who works/volunteers for, or on behalf of, Hayah International Academy, namely teaching and non-teaching staff including support services staff and outsourced staff.

Safeguarding and child protection training is regularly conducted to provide all our staff members with the knowledge and skills they need to safeguard children and understand the basics of child protection.

In addition, the school has established an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), which provides clear guidelines for all staff and students on the safe, acceptable, and responsible use of the internet, digital technologies, IT systems and social media.