Hayah Sports Academy

Hayah Sports Academy

Inaugurated in 2007-2008 and located inside the walls of Hayah International Academy, Hayah Sports Academy (HSA) serves our students during school hours and is open to the public for the rest of the week. HSA offers a strong athletic program in many sports and has produced many athletes and champions over the years. For more information, visit their Facebook page and/or email hsa@hayahacademy.com Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/HayahSportsAcademy

Indoor Facilities:
Our diverse facilities allow us to offer a wide range of sports to our athletes all in one place. The indoor hall can be set up for multiple sports including basketball, gymnastics, handball, volleyball and many other activities. There are also 2 official sized squash courts which are used for practices, rent and tournaments. Ideally situated in front of them, are bleachers for the crowds to watch and cheer the games. Setup with cutting-edge equipment our gym is partitioned into male and female times helping our customers indulge in a workout that is both efficient and comfortable. The 560 square foot martial arts hall is lined with mirrors and has bob men ready for use. Hanging sand bags used for many martial arts practices are also an option. An all-round sound system in place helps holding frequent fitness and creative movement classes.

Outdoor Facilities:

Our outdoor sports facilities include an official soccer field and 5 a side soccer field that are made of artificial grass. The fields are used for practices, rent and many tournaments year round. There are also basketball courts both official and mini; as well as 2 tracks both official and mini. The HSA also holds two of the newest padel tennis courts in Cairo.

Swimming Pools: 
The HSA has 2 heated pools that work all year round. The Olympic outdoor pool is used mainly for team practices and big events while the indoor pool is home to our swim school, ladies practices and short course events.