Seeking the Best of Both Worlds
First School in Egypt to Implement a Character Education Program
Hayah's Journey Continues
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Hayah is committed to create and maintain an environment that fosters and enriches the personal and academic growth of each student. Hayah empowers students to live with purpose, honor their cultural identity, respect diversity, and serve humanity by impacting local and global communities.

Message from the Executive Board

“Our vision is only actionable if we share it. Without sharing, it is just a figment of our imagination”, Simon Sinek. This quote describes what the Hayah founders embarked on as they imagined, planned, shared and finally recruited an entire community to create what we call today the Hayah family and home, a community widely embracing our core values.

At the mark of 20 years, the vivid translation of the Hayah vision into a successful physical reality invited us to expand and grow with the launch of Hayah West.  Today, we have two Hayah homes across the different polar sides of Cairo; the main campus in New Cairo and Hayah West in Sheikh Zayed City. 

A vision has many attributes such as paving the way for the future, being inspiring and challenging, as well as being unique in its proposition and purposefulness. Hayah passionately wore these attributes as it navigated the last 20 years. The next decades will require us to do the same with a new lens; one that is packaged with the stamina and grit to secure and expand Hayah’s vision in light of the local and global educational changes and innovations.  

Hayah prides itself in being a family; a home to its staff, students, alumni and families. The volute of life continues as our community grows year after year. Today we find Hayah alumni impacting many career areas trusting they have reached out to their core foundation: their Hayah core values. We are eager to provide more opportunities for students in Egypt to find meaning and purpose in their lives and positively impact local and global communities.  

Executive Board

Why Choose Hayah

Track Record of Success

Hayah graduated 13 cohorts with the International Baccalaureate Diploma or the American High School Diploma, at 99% pass rate. Hayah alumni have been accepted in top local and international universities.

Character Education Program

Hayah strongly believes and values the emotional and social wellbeing of its students helping them grow as self-reflective and proactive individuals.

Student’s Life

Offering an inclusive academic program along with strong and diverse extra-curricular activities, our students are encouraged and challenged to reach their best potential.
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