How to Apply

Our Admission Policy

Hayah International Academy believes in inclusive practice that honors similarities and differences in our immediate and wider community. Hayah welcomes all students regardless of their ethnicity, religion or gender. Acceptance in Hayah is based on the students’ best interest and the school’s ability to cater for their needs.

Apply Online

  1. Download and fill the application form 
  2. Prepare the required documents 
  3. Send all documents via email 

Visit the Admission Office

The admission office hours are from 9:00am to 2:00pm weekdays.

  1.  Pick up and fill the form 
  2. Attach all required documents 
  3. Hand the file to the Front Office

How to Apply in few easy steps

  1. Provide all your child’s details by filling in the online application form and book your child’s assessment date via our online booking system at your convenience
  2. Our admission team will contact you to answer all inquiries you may have, and confirm your school visit’s date for the child assessment and parent interview
  3. Prepare required documents and share by email with admission team on  

Required Documents

Age Guideline

  • Pre-school (PS) applicants must be minimum 3 years old and maximum 3.9 years old by September 2022 (born between September
    2019 to December 2018).
  • Pre-kindergarten (PK) applicants must be minimum 3.10 years old and maximum 4.9 years old by September 2022 (born between
    November 2018 to December 2017).
  • Kindergarten (K) applicants must be minimum 4.10 years old and maximum 5.9 years old by September, 2022 (born between
    November 2017 to December 2016).